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Curtis Wright

Curtis Wright’s whiskey-seasoned voice and country road storytelling make you fall in love with the place they sing about: the maze of roads, taverns, and churches of the American heartland.

Sarah Clanton

Singer-cellist-songwriter Sarah Clanton’s folk rock meets speakeasy sound is a celebration of the unexpected. She strums, bows, picks, and taps her way through heartbreak and hope.


Nu-Blu’s heart and soul are husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Carolyn Routh. Her caramel-coated soprano and his backup vocals and knack for switching instruments come together with an ease that can’t be faked.

High-Plains Jamboree

"HPJ's vibe is a modern country-western style, where song composition, lyrics, and virtuoso performance take them to a different plane than other stringbands out on the road today."